Farm Market Vendor Registration

Welcome vendors!

Here is a list of Farm Market days. Please add all Farm Market Days to your shopping cart and pay at the end. If you have reached a certain amount of days you may be eligible to use a coupon code. Coupon codes may not be used for any other event/market other then Farm Market.  Please reference coupon code legend below:

Coupon Codes

NOTE: Do Not attempt to use these codes if you are not paying for multiple weeks as referenced below. Doing so will result in a full refund and you may be asked not to participate in future markets at You Farm.

  • 9 week Prepay 5% OFF: Code- 9week
  • 18 week Prepay 10% OFF: Code- 18week
  • 25 week Prepay Seasonal Pass 15%OFF: Code- 25week 



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