5.0oz Wheatgrass Mix

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5.0oz Wheatgrass Mix

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5 oz Wheatgrass Mix

Hydroponic Wheatgrass mix includes root and seed.1/2 tablespoon taken once daily will yield approximately a 2 month supply. 

One of the healthiest foods on the planet just got easier to take. No one disputes how beneficial wheatgrass juice is for our bodies but the taste is not for everyone. At You Farm we grow, dry and grind our beyond organic grass.  Just one 1/2 tablespoon will give your body 4x the nutrient intake then juice alone. Simply mix with your favorite juice, smoothie, tea, or water.  The Wheatgrass mix includes root and seed which offer many additional benefits. For a full analysis of this product please submit your request to stefan@YouFarmfresh.com 

Pure blend indicates pure grass and does not include root or seed. Some who wish to do without the gluten of the seed may elect to choose our pure blend over this product