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DIY BYO Produce Box

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Welcome to You Farm! Home of the DIY Box Builder. Simply select the items you want in your box and we will do our best to customize it for you at our next Drive-Thru Barn Market.  Please note that the listed items are SOLD BY THE:

  • Pound
  • Piece
  • Carton 
  • Bag

If there is an item your looking for not listed in our inventory please call us to inquire about special ordering it 561-315-7410. 

IMPORTANT Terms: Items listed will be available based on demand and product availability. Each item placed in our inventory are verbal commitments from our Farmers, Distributors and Fisherman. Should a product become unavailable or have low sales we will issue a refund upon check out at our drive-thru. In order for us to offer variety, competitive prices and top products we need to purchase these items in bulk. Should we have low sales numbers on certain products we may elect to stop orders and issue a full refund on the selected item.  This information will be available to all our customers throughout the week. Simply click the Produce Status link below to follow availability. We encourage everyone to keep an eye on this daily to ensure there are no surprises when you arrive to pickup your items. 

Produce Status Click Here

Purchase NOW pick up on Saturday between 10am and 4pm. See you on the farm