Custom 5oz Powder Mix

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Custom 5oz Powder Mix

Regular price $85.00

Customize your own 5 oz powder blend. 

Choose from the following

  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Mushroom Mix
  • Wheatgrass Pure
  • Wheatgrass Mix
  • Berry Mix 
  • Vegetable Mix

Wheatgrass Base Option

 Start with your base of wheatgrass either mixed or pure. Then select your additions at no extra charge. Total package size will be 5oz. This size should last you 2 months if taken once daily. 

Mixed represents the whole product Root, Seed and Grass.

Pure Represents just the grass 

Wheatgrass Free Option

If you do not want wheatgrass in your blend simply select NON Wheatgrass Blend and select all you addition at no extra charge.