NEW DIY Salad Greens Box

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NEW DIY Salad Greens Box

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Juice it - Love it - Eat it 

Just when we thought it couldn't get better! Now available for drive-thru barn pickup a Salad Box and Salad Box DIY! Check out all the awesome goodness in once box.  Locally Grown Beyond Organic!

Two options to choose from: 

 DIY Salad Box - Build your perfect box! Choose from the following

  • Mixed Greens (Hydroponic) Large 2lbs
  • Mixed Green's  (Hydroponic) 4ozs
  • Romaine Hearts (3) pack
  • Iceberg Lettuce 1 head
  • Red Kale
  • Organic Blue Berries
  • Organic Strawberries 
  • Organic Granola 
  • Cucumbers (1)
  • Organic Sliced Mushrooms
  • Yellow Beef Steak Tomatoes
  • Local Red Tomatoes
  • Red Onion 1
  • Organic Yellow Vidalia Onion 1
  • Organic Granola Regular
  • Organic Granola Cranberry 
  • Tri Color Peppers 1 red 1 yellow 1 orange 

Don't see your favorite veggie listed? Check out our DIY  Farm Box section to find your favorite veggies to go 


Juice it - Eat it - Love it    You decide!

See you on the Farm!