Professional Photographer Mini Session Private Booking

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Professional Photographer Mini Session Private Booking

Regular price $150.00

Professional Photographers ONLY: By purchasing this option you are purchasing a private 2 hour session on the farm. You may use this time to bring in multiple families/clients for your mini sessions. 

Customers and Guests: If your looking to get professional pictures at You Farm please contact us directly so that we may put you in contact with on of our photographers who have already booked with us. Please do not purchase a private session on this page. This $150 booking fee is paid by the professional photographer. 

Please note: That this booking is for private sessions only. This does not pertain to our public events at You Farm. If your a photographer both amateur and professional and you do not want to pay for a private mini session simply join us at one of our posted public events and pay the applicable entry fee. 

Prior to Checkout: Please select the dates and times interested for your booking by adding to your cart.

Upon Checkout: Please be sure to enter phone number, email and name at checkout. Additionally please share with us in the NOTE section of the check out page if you would like us to advertise your mini session date and time.

Additional Sunrise and Weekday Times: Are available up request. Please contact 561-315-7410 to arrange. 

Refund Policy: All booking sales are final. Should you need to cancel your booking for any reason we may work with you to move your time to alternative available future date

See you on the farm

Thank you to Organic Moments Photography for providing this amazing photo of our sunflower patch!