Shaved Ice Drive-Thru

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Shaved Ice Drive-Thru

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Welcome to You Farm. Get the family out of the house and head to You Farm this Saturday between 10am - 4pm for our contact free drive-thru market. Whether your buying a box of produce or coming for our shaved ice or both, you can be assured our staff will do everything possible to ensure your families safety during this tough time. 

Purchase your Shaved Ice now and pickup at your convenience this weekend Saturday between 10am - 4pm for contact free barn drive-thru pickup. If you have already purchased items this week for drive-thru pickup and you want to add a shaved ice to your order simply create another order and provide us your name when you arrive to our drive-thru. We will see all your orders placed throughout the week. To expedite the process having your order numbers will be even better! See you on the Farm!


Select your shaved iced flavors below! Don't let the picture scare you. We will use over sized cups to ensure your cars safety.