Vintage Crates and Baskets

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Vintage Crates and Baskets

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Check these amazing vintage items we found lying around at our favorite local vintage company Ruffles and Overalls. Richard and Megan Velten and their amazing family of 8 travel and scour the country for awesome vintage finds. Today we are proud to offer our drive-thru guests a creative and sustainable way to load all their fresh goodies into their vehicles. Check out the items below. They make for good produce pickup crates, home decoration and each item tells a story. Happy Shopping!

Check out additional for sale on their online store front

Blue Mason Jars (12 Quantity)
These vintage blue mason jars are perfect storage and decor!  A mix of Atlas and Ball brands with zinc lids.  They came from Tennessee and Kentucky.  
Price $15 each
Quart Size 8” H x 4” W


Bushel Basket 
These vintage bushel baskets are one of a kind.  Picked straight from a barn in Tennessee.  Great for produce and the kids toys!
12”h x 17”w $15 each
Forever Bags/Ruffles and Overalls (6 available)
Our forever bags are great for your weekly produce pickup!  
Price $15 each
14.5”W x 15.5”H